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(IR) Industrial Relation Solutions

Facilitate industries in building a Harmonious, Positive and Productive environment.
Build proactive measures to strengthen positive Employee relations.
Provide legal and Managerial solutions to Industrial Relations issues.


  • Assess the Organizational climate to plan proactive IR.
  • Suggest Value added inputs & processes for Positivity improvement
  • Audit the current IR/ER Competence and advise actions accordingly.
  • Provide support of professionals with rich experience to facilitate man-management issues of White as well as Blue collard employees.
  • Skill Assessment and mapping of shopfloor employees to enhance multitasking.


  • Conduct Neutral surveys and accordingly plan to optimize the Industrial environment and get manpower efficiency.
  • Conduct melt-in meetings among senior leadership teams to enhance cohesiveness.
  • Evaluating new cost-effective ways of deploying manpower.
  • Shopfloor Leadership – Training, Coaching, and developing front line managers.
  • Training the critical masses to inculcate new mindset and positive thinking.